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I was recently diagnosed with a medical condition (thyroid) and it opened my eyes to the fact that sometimes what is making us feel bad, sad, depressed, anxious, etc....is a combination of emotional AND medical components. We are a wonderful 'stew' made up of so many ingredients: our past, our present and our various 'ingredients' of daily living (physical, spiritual, emotional, and more). I am a huge believer in all things emotional (BIG SURPRISE......I'm a therapist, after all). But what I also know is that everything about us factors into how we feel. I know I feel better when I get some sort of exercise daily. Do I always succeed? NO!! But it's a worthy goal! And I know that what I put in my body affects my mental/emotional health as well! Does that mean I always get 3 healthy servings of leafy greens every day? NO!! Have my hubby and I been known to have frozen yogurt for dinner? OCCASIONALLY.....not gonna lie! But it's the big picture that counts!

Takeaway: Listen to your body along with your spirit for clues about what you might be lacking! We had a healthy practitioner once who said 'BODY VERY WISE'. Get in the habit of checking in!! There's a lot of information there!!