Springtime in the Rockies......challenging!

I have so many clients who are negatively impacted by weather! Weather is funny: some people love the cloudy, rainy days and others (myself included) prefer warm and sunny days. Either way, we are affected by weather and it's never more apparent than in 'Spring' here in Colorado.

As a therapist friend of mine says, it's just a reminder that we must learn to 'go with the flow'. True for sure, but what if we aren't feeling ...... 'flowy'?

It's a good time to practice self care and self love. Does the weather or even the time of year bring up old hurts or old sad feelings? If so, take a few minutes to sink into how you are feeling! Treat yourself like you would treat a sad child: be compassionate, offer love, see what is needed (maybe a quiet day with an old movie, maybe a call to a friend, maybe a snuggle with your kitty, dog, or mate). Ask what the 'child within' needs and try to provide that.

Another thing to consider is that with season changes we often have anniversary grief and it can feel like it is coming out of no where! My sister died last year in June and as soon as it started getting warm I was feeling tons of sadness and couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then I remembered Robin died in the summer.......summer is coming.......anniversary grief. I've been taking some time to be sad, crying and remembering her and reaching out to friends who can handle such deep conversations, and simple slowing down. Some people speed up though and that is fine too. You have to learn to treat yourself the way YOU need to be treated! When it comes to the human psyche, one size DOES NOT, fit all!

So think of the little budding flowers and trees, they can roll with our crazy weather here in the Rockies: they can handle the 'out of nowhere' snow storms just fine. They just let the snow cover them up for a bit and then they bounce right back! in one week, we will have had harsh snow and cold ...... then bright sunny and warm days! It's all part of the process!!

Honor yourself. If you're down and feel you need help consider getting extra help! We are all in this together!