Embracing Our Shortcomings...

 I am terrible at blogging! I mean to do it. I try to make myself do it. I am not good at it.

I love being a therapist: walking alongside people as they face their demons, sooth their pain, change their harmful habits. I love that. But making myself sit down and write a blog (what IS a blog anyway???? This is a 'young person' thing, new to my generation!). But here I am!

I believe there is a balance between changing old habits that don't serve us any longer and embracing who we are innately. I am always trying to lose weight! I have ALWAYS struggled with this and I probably ALWAYS will. I'm not overly heavy but I'd love to lose 10 pounds. 

But do I allow my inner critic to constantly run the show? Do I allow my internal messages to sound like 'You are just a lazy mess?' I sure try not to. I'd love to have the inner dialog be more loving and understanding. 'You are tired after a full day of work. Of course you don't want to cook a big meal. How about just adding something green and fresh to dinner? That will make you feel so much better in the end.' Like that! Loving AND yet healthy! Balance!

So try to listen to YOUR inner dialog! Catch the mean stuff you say to yourself and think of how you would talk to a child. Tweak it towards love. We are all just doing the best we can!