Media Trauma…….How do I handle it?

I don’t know about you but sometimes I think it’s better not to watch the news. The Oklahoma tragedy was really upsetting. To think of all the kids being hurt in the most sacred and safe place of all, their school, was very hard to take.

How can we handle all the sad stories we hear about? Here are some ideas:

~ Don’t watch the news more than you have to. Consider watching old comedy reruns instead. It’s not particularly healthy to go to bed with a ‘full stomach’ of horrible news storied.

~ Do some positive self-talk: “As horrifying as XYZ news story was, the truth is that my life is full of safe and satisfying people and events’. Or ‘I am safe today’.

~ Exercise more. It’s a proven fact that when we exercise our bodies emit ‘feel-good’ hormones which help us stay more positive.

~ Talk about it. When we are upset, some of us want to hibernate and isolate. Scary/upsetting things in the media may trigger upsetting memories or losses. The truth is that, while it may be tempting to ‘handle it privately’, it is healthier to share our fears and sadness with a trusted friend or family member. It is always recommended to find a great therapist when needed. Sometimes an objective listener is good, in addition to sharing with a close friend! Mix it up!

~ Donate to The Red Cross or other great charities or if you can get involved in a local entity to help those in need you will feel great! Go sort food/donations at the local Food Bank. Anything you can do to be proactive in helping others will remove any feelings of helplessness you are struggling with! Get involved!

Tough times require action! Good luck!!