Independence Day…What can I do with that?

4th of July can be a fun time of year: excitement, explosions, celebrations….memories. But what else can it mean for those of us dealing with transition? Was I with the person/people I wanted to be with? Was I missing someone? Feeling lonely….even in a crowd? Was I reminded of happier holidays from the past? Do I want to create a happier holiday for next year? Things to ponder!

I recommend taking time to think about these things………what would I like next year’s 4th of July to look like? Do I need to make changes so that I will like the photos from 2015’s 4th better?

Try this:

Imagine a photo from next year… that you LOVE! Who is in it? WHO IS NOT? What do you look like? Have you made changes? Put it up on your mirror and see it every morning getting dressed………make it make you happy!

Happy Independence Day!